New Advances in Gum Recession Treatment

Dr. Ryan Clagett is pleased to have pioneered an entirely new way to treat gum recession in his patients. The Side Access Mucosal Releasing Incision technique, aptly dubbed SAMRI, as a method of root coverage in patients with receding gums.

What makes this process so different from traditional root coverage methods? First of all, it is performed entirely with donor tissue from the acellular dermal matrix. This is a special type of tissue that’s been processed to provide extra coverage and structure, and its main benefit is that Dr. Ryan Clagett can harvest the tissue without needing the patient to undergo a second surgery.

Because there is no second surgical site, this also makes SAMRI faster and less invasive than traditional root coverage procedures. Patients will spend less time in the chair and feel less discomfort during the surgery. In fact, Dr. Ryan Clagett estimates that intrasurgical time is reduced by 25-30% when compared to traditional root coverage procedures.

Finally, when the surgery is less invasive, this also means the recovery period is shorter. Patients should expect faster healing times and overall better results using this method.

Even though this is a newer technique, patients don’t need to fear subpar results. In his case study, Dr. Ryan Clagett found that using the SAMRI technique results in both aesthetic and root coverage outcomes extremely similar to other, more traditional techniques.

Why trust in this new method? Dr. Clagett been performing root coverage procedures for 13 years now, and in his own words, the SAMRI method “works quicker and easier.” Patients can get the same (if not better results) as other procedures with less pain and a shorter recovery.

Read Dr. Clagett’s full case study in the Clinical Advances in Periodontics to learn more!