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We are a periodontal practice that is focused on using advanced practices and state-of-the-art technology. We provide customized treatment options that give you quality dental health and a fantastic smile.
We want your time with us to be comfortable and pleasant. We will help you understand your health situation and which options are recommended. We want to make sure that you understand your situation and options. We will patiently answer all of your questions and ensure that you are comfortable with the procedure before you begin treatment.

Periodontics in Louisville, KY

Derby City Dental Specialists is located in Louisville, Kentucky. We primarily work with patients in Louisville and surrounding counties. Patients often come to us through a referral by their dentist. However, a dentist referral is not required to visit our periodontal practice. Dr. Clagett has a number of direct patients as well. If you want a periodontist to evaluate your dental health, please contact us directly for your initial appointment at (502) 576-5345.

Request a consultation today and our team here at Derby City Dental Specialists will be happy to help you!

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Periodontist with Innovative Treatment

Dr. Clagett is a periodontist and specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal disease (gum disease), and in dental implants. He treats many forms of gum disease, ranging from the initial to the more complicated and advanced stages.

He understands that most people don’t like to go to the dentist, so he and his team focus on making you comfortable during your visit with us.

Dr. Clagett has a great team of professionals. Our team is caring, dedicated and comprised of the knowledge that’s needed to handle the various aspects of dental care you may have.

Specialty Training for Periodontists

As a periodontist, Dr. Clagett completed the same initial schooling and training of a dentist. After he completed his general dentistry training, he received 3 more years of specialized graduate education to become specialized in tooth and gum health.

Dr. Clagett has significant training and experience in diagnosing and treating periodontal disease and oral inflammation, placing dental implants, and performing cosmetic periodontal procedures.

  • Gum Disease

    Dr. Clagett treats many forms of gum disease, from initial gum disease to complicated and advanced cases of gum disease. Because of his experience, he is able to diagnose the underlying causes of the condition and recommend the most effective treatment. Dr. Clagett often works in conjunction with your dentist to create a comprehensive gum disease treatment plan.

  • Gum Recession

    A periodontist treats serious forms of gum disease that do not get better with normal dental care. When your roots show and your gums have receded away, there is bone loss. When this happens, more brushing and flossing won’t make it go away. You need a periodontist to fix it.

  • Dental Implant

    Periodontists have advanced training in dental implants. A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is placed into your jaw, that will hold a replacement tooth, bridge or denture.

  • Smile Enhancement

    Dr. Clagett can help you understand the optimal procedure(s) you can have to maximize your smile. He will develop a specific plan for you that is based on your individual needs. This plan may involve other specialists to get quality treatment for your smile.


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