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Derby City Dental Specialists uses the latest technology to ensure our patients get optimal diagnostics and treatments possible.

Dental technology and tools have developed considerably over the past few decades. These tools help Derby City Dental Specialists investigate dental problems more thoroughly and diagnose them accurately. Modern technology also helps Dr. Clagett provide you with quality treatments that have the most long-lasting results. Here’s a bit about what you can find in our Louisville, KY digital office:

Advanced technology

We use the latest digital x-ray sensors to minimize exposure to radiation while providing high quality radiographic images. The images provide a detailed look into the condition of the your teeth, gums, and jawbone. This precise imaging technology provides Dr. Clagett a clear picture and enables him to diagnose more accurately than traditional film images.

More accurate images and data ensures better diagnostics and treatments, which is why we make it a point to use the latest imaging technology in our office. These images are in digital form, making it easier to transfer them to your dentist or other oral specialist. This makes for a more seamless coordination or your oral health.

Patients trust in Dr. Clagett because of his consistent care and unique interest in their oral health. This friendly, yet professional attitude is reflected throughout all aspects of Derby City Dental Specialists.

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X-Nav Technologies

Derby City Dental Specialists uses industry-leading technology for dental implants. There are many benefits of this technology, including:

  • The X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation is significantly more accurate than free handing.
  • The planning and accuracy can reduce the number of procedures needed.
  • The planning and accuracy can allow for more patients to get dental implants where they might not otherwise.
  • The planning and accuracy can reduce the number of implants needed

How X-Nav Works

With X-Nav Technologies, Dr. Clagett takes a special CT Scan of your jaw. From the CT scan, he creates a plan that allows for the Dental Implant to be precisely planned and placed. The accuracy of an implant being placed using the X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation is fantastic. It allows for the implant to be placed to .1mm and .1 degree of accuracy.

Dr. Clagett did an incredible job with my implant. I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect, but he talked me through the entire procedure and was extremely patient with me when I had questions.


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3D Imaging

Traditional 2-D dental x-rays don’t provide a detailed look into the dental structure and bone. Dr. Clagett uses a Cone Beam CT to generate 3-Dimensional images of the dental structure and jaw bones. This enables more accurate diagnosis. The 3D image allows Dr. Clagett to see the whole picture, including the nerves, undercuts, and sinus height.

Dr. Clagett can look deeper and develop a more detailed understanding of the status or your oral health and any problems there might be. This increases the accuracy of diagnosis. This helps Dr. Clagett to recommend the optimal treatment for your health. The 3D imaging scan is often performed within minutes. We don’t need to refer you anywhere else to get the proper picture of your oral health. We have all the advanced equipment in the office.


Our office takes high resolution digital photographs of your dental structure. This not only helps Dr. Clagett diagnose accurately, it also helps you to better understand the status of your oral health and any problems that there might be. This is also helpful in communicating with your dentist for any ongoing care you will be receiving from your dentist.

Accurate diagnostic and imaging techniques help Dr. Clagett and you to make the right choice regarding your dental health. Better treatments improve the quality of your life and helps to improve your overall health and confidence.

If you want to know more about our Louisville, KY digital office or what to discuss treatment options, don’t hesitate to contact us at Derby City Dental Specialists and book a consultation today.


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