Derby City Dental Specialists is a trusted periodontal practice, proudly serving patients from Vine Grove, KY and the surrounding area. Our periodontist provides full smile rehabilitation through a range of treatment options, including dental implants and implant dentures. Learn more about the options available to regain a healthy, confident smile.

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Our practice was founded by Dr. Ryan Clagett, who is known not only for his clinical experience but also for his friendly, accessible approach to patient care. When you schedule an appointment with us, you will meet with Dr. Clagett directly for a relaxed discussion about your oral health needs. Our periodontist will listen carefully to your needs and concerns, walk you through different treatment options, and take as much time as necessary to help you feel comfortable and confident about your treatment plan.

Our Periodontal Procedures

Our periodontist provides comprehensive oral health solutions, including dental implants, implant dentures, and beyond. Some of our most common periodontal treatment options include the following:

Dental Implants

Millions of Americans suffer from tooth loss, whether due to disease, decay, or traumatic injury. One of the most effective solutions to replace missing teeth is dental implants. These are tiny titanium posts that Dr. Ryan Clagett can insert into the jawbone, where they heal into place and function as artificial roots. On top of the implant, artificial teeth are placed, which are made to look and behave just like your natural teeth. Dental implants are a popular option because they are comfortable and long-lasting, and they allow you to continue enjoying your favorite foods.

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Full Arch Restoration

In many ways, full arch restoration is just like traditional dental implants. The most significant difference is that traditional implants are typically used to replace individual teeth, while implant dentures can replace an entire arch. In other words, full arch restoration is a good option for patients from Vine Grove, KY, who are missing most of their teeth or who anticipate the need to have most of their teeth extracted. This approach offers many of the same benefits as traditional implants, including comfort, convenience, and longevity.

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Our Periodontist’s Other Treatments

Derby City Dental Specialists provides a range of treatment options that can help restore your smile’s functionality and aesthetics. The best way to learn about the different treatment options is to visit our periodontist for a consultation. In the meantime, here are a few of our most popular cosmetic dental treatments:

Smile Makeover

This procedure combines different methods, including implants, gum reshaping, and more. Get the beautiful, confident smile you want with a full smile makeover.

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Gum Recession Treatment

We see many patients whose gums have started to recede, causing their teeth to look long or oddly shaped. We can provide full aesthetic treatments to restore your gum health.

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Gum Disease Treatment

For patients who are dealing with periodontal disease, our practice can provide a number of safe and effective solutions for gum disease. We typically begin with non-surgical interventions.

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Gum Surgery

Most gum disease cases can be effectively treated without the need for surgery. However, we can offer full surgical solutions when needed, particularly for more extreme or advanced cases.

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Derby City Dental Specialists would love to assist you if you have concerns about your smile or the general state of your oral health. Speak with one of our friendly, knowledgeable team members to learn more about the treatments Dr. Ryan Clagett offers to the Vine Grove, KY community. Make an appointment with our periodontist today to get started.