Derby City Dental Specialists near Radcliff, KY boasts a team of multiple on-site professionals, including an experienced periodontist with vast experience in dental implant procedures.

What are Dental Implants?

Tooth loss can happen due to trauma, decay, or simple dental neglect, and dental implants represent a long-term solution for tooth replacement. Dental implants are considered to be the standard of care for tooth loss, offering dental restoration while preserving the overall health and integrity of your teeth, gums, and jawbone.

What are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

Dental implants provide functional and aesthetic restoration. They do not require any healthy teeth to be shaved down or removed, and they actively support bone generation, helping you to avoid unwanted changes to your facial appearance. With the right oral hygiene, dental implants are designed to last a lifetime. Simple brushing and flossing, as well as regular trips to the dentist, can keep your implants clean over the long term.

How Are Dental Implants Placed?

Dental implants are small titanium screws placed into the jawbone, then left to heal in place. Once the implant has fused with the bone over a few months, it provides a steady and stable replacement root to hold your abutment, which is a connective piece that attaches the implant to your dental prosthesis. Your regular dentist will then place a replacement tooth, which is designed to look just like your naturally growing teeth.

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