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Medically Reviewed By: Dr. Ryan Clagett

As dental technology continues to advance, tooth replacement procedures are becoming faster, simpler, and even more effective than ever before. There is perhaps no better example of this than Teeth-in-a-Day implants.

With this incredible procedure, you can receive an entire row of teeth in a single dental visit. But will you need to do anything special to care for your new teeth?

The Teeth-in-a-Day Implant Procedure

Teeth-in-a-Day implants are a procedure designed to replace several teeth at one time with the help of dental implants.

Your periodontist will strategically place four to six dental implants along a single row. Then, they will fix a denture to those implants to quickly restore form and function to your mouth with far greater strength and support than traditional dentures can provide.

What Kind of Special Care Does the Teeth-in-a-Day Implant Procedure Require?

As far as both long- and short-term care following your Teeth-in-a-Day implant procedure, there is generally nothing you need to do that you would not need to do with standard dental implants.

The only exception would be if your teeth are not healthy enough to keep in your smile, which would require them to be extracted prior to the Teeth-in-a-Day procedure. Healthy teeth will not be removed and will not be injured by the procedure.

After your Teeth-in-a-Day procedure, your periodontist will instruct you to:

Eat Soft Foods While the Implants Heal

As the implants continue to integrate with the jawbone, it is important to avoid putting unnecessary stress on them by sticking to a diet of soft foods only. Once osseointegration is complete and you are fully healed, you will receive your permanent snap-on dentures, which will allow you to resume your regular diet.

Snap-on dentures may be slightly less stable than permanent dentures, but you will still be able to chew almost all foods.

Maintain a Great Oral Hygiene Routine

Oftentimes, a major reason why patients need Teeth-in-a-Day implants to replace missing teeth is due to poor oral hygiene. Those habits must change if the patient hopes to get the most out of their new smile and avoid any further oral health complications.

Fortunately, your new dentures are permanently affixed to your smile, which means you can brush and floss your new teeth just like your original teeth.

Visit Your Dentist for Regular Checkups

Ongoing care for your new smile is going to require that you do something you should already be doing anyway: seeing your dentist once every six months for a routine exam and teeth cleaning.

Your dentist will be able to catch any issues with your Teeth-in-a-Day implants early on and provide a solution before it has a chance to develop into something more significant.

Avoid Smoking

One of the biggest known contributors to implant failure is nicotine use. Smoking while you are healing from your procedure and even after you have completely healed can prove to be catastrophic to your new smile. If you truly want to protect your new teeth, you need to stop smoking.

Teeth-in-a-Day Implants Can Transform Your Life

Our professional team at Derby City Dental Specialists offers Teeth-in-a-Day implants to improve your quality of life and renew joy in your smile, and the care that your new smile will need is almost no different than the care your old teeth required. Check out our blog to learn more.

Who Are We?

Derby City Dental Specialists strives to provide the latest best practices and advanced techniques for placing dental implants and treating periodontal disease while aligning care with each patient’s specific needs and goals in a relaxed, comfortable environment.

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What Problem Do We Solve for Our Patients?

Through implant dentistry and diverse gum treatments, we can replace missing teeth, stop the spread of gum disease, and create a healthier, stronger, natural-looking smile. Smile makeovers can correct imperfections and improve overall comfort and confidence.

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